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What effect was it going to have? If this was going to be the first film about a gay character for several years, that was an important question. Most appropriately, Ellis Hanson draws an interesting parallel between the outtake and the queer subject:. The outtake is that part of the film that, for whatever reason, ends up on the floor of the editing room, a scene that is shot but never quite makes it onto the screen. The outtake is the supplement, the remainder that defines every narrative as a deployment of silences and absences.

An outtake has, like the queer subject, a certain reality, place and defining power in the larger narrative of cultural representation, but only as that which should not be looked at. Unintentionally, the film was already a historical piece of evidence. Strip Jack Naked , however, explicitly acknowledges its own limit as historically bound. Likewise, the commentary adopts an impassioned rhetoric in parallel with slow motion effects and an insistent — and rather annoying — use of music.

The paradox of this upbeat conclusion is accounted for by the feeling of liberation in the midst of the tragedy, the possibility at last for gay men to speak for themselves as individuals — not as stereotypes or representatives of a group.

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The voice-over concludes optimistically:. It was no longer unusual to see openly gay people on television and the wonder was that even under such stress they no longer looked like Dirk Bogarde in Victim. There was no longer one face to find your identity in but hundreds of faces, thousands. One might regret, though, that Ron Peck did not further investigate the changes in the politics of representation throughout the s, when the depiction of homosexuals as perverts and criminals in mainstream movies was still a sensitive issue, 32 or retrace the evolution in the institutional spaces of cultural production that would allow independent film-making in the UK, 33 after the backlash of the Thatcher years and the introduction of the notorious Clause Stephen Heath, New York: The Noonday Press, Flammarion, Essay on Representation , London: Routledge, 2nd edition, DYER Richard ed.

Routledge, A Reader , New York: Harvester Wheatsheaf, , Duke University Press Books, Queer, Lesbian, Gay Documentary , Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, An Introduction , New York: New York University Press, Cornell University Press, Indiana University Press, 2nd edition, Verso, University of California Press, Scarecrow Press, Nighthawks UK, , Dir.: Nashburgh Limited and Four Corners Films; colour; min. Strip Jack Naked UK, Thomas Waugh ed.

Scarecrow Press, ; Alan Rosenthal ed. New Challenges for Documentary , Berkeley: Waugh, op. Cornell University Press, , Indiana University Press, 2 nd edition, , Walker eds. New York University Press, , 3 , but on the contrary seeks to assert a legitimate and positive image within the dominant heteronormative culture. Zoetrope, , Now You See It: Studies on Lesbian and Gay Film , London: Lesbians and Gays in British Cinema, , London: Cassell, Robin Griffiths ed.

One tabloid ran as its headline: Shooting was interrupted in December due to lack of funds and after finance was secured by German television in September , the film crew found it impossible to find a school that would allow them to shoot classroom sequences. As the voice-over assumes little by little its status of desiring subject, the camera becomes more and more preoccupied with what is left unshown, what remains taboo — namely male genitalia. The forbidden representation is ultimately revealed in a final flash which also freezes the shot as in a hiatus.

Seuil, , Routledge, , But somehow that project began back in when I was Routledge, 2 nd edition , 3.

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Ron Peck made a documentary about Edward Hopper in in which he explains: A picture in a colour magazine which I put on the wall. I spent a lot of time there. Dirk Bogarde plays a closeted gay lawyer who is victim of blackmail.

enter site On February 3 rd , the venue was raided by the police and the print confiscated after the complaint of an audience member. It nonetheless led the University of Edinburgh to cancel their showing of the film. As the camera focuses on the class of taunting children, placing the viewer in the position of the accused, the whole scene conveys a genuine sense of happening, of spontaneous tension and potential violence. But when we walked out in the morning to our separate jobs and occupations we left our homosexuality behind us. It led to lies and deceits, looking and not looking.

Duke University Press Books, , Some people felt it gave the wrong impression of being gay, it was too alternative, too political, the whole set up was altogether too weird [ Whatever confidence I have in being gay now, I owe partly to people like him and so did Jim the school teacher in the film. For the case of British Black cinema for example, see: The Noonday Press, , Alain Bergala, Rossellini, le cinéma révélé , Paris: Flammarion, , Rosenthal ed.